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A weird but super simple trick to clean over racks with ease

January 9th, 2020

The need to clean the oven and its racks regularly is a must because the food we cook for our family is not only filled with love. It should be clean and healthy, too.

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However, the fact that cleaning dirty oven racks requires too much work can sometimes discourage us to clean it as frequently as possible. Luckily, there is a much simpler way to accomplish this task and it only needs minimum effort!

With the use of this trick, cleaning oven racks have never been easier. Just prepare the following items before moving into the actual process:

  • an old toothbrush or sponge for cleaning
  • a tub big enough to hold and soak your oven rack (you can use your bathtub)
  • one cup of detergent or dishwashing liquid
  • a towel

Once these items are ready, you may now proceed to the following steps.

1. Prepare the tub

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In selecting what tub to use, the primary consideration would have to be the size of your oven racks. If they are too big to fit in the sink or in a basin, you can opt to use your bathtub instead. However, using your bathtub can result in scratches, which is why you need to cover the bathtub with a towel first before placing the racks or the detergent that you chose to use.

2. Preparing the cleaning solution

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The next step involves soaking the dirty racks in a solution that will surely clean all the grime and grease away. If you use a bathtub for this task, you only need to plug the drain and fill the tub with hot water. Next, pour the cup of liquid detergent on the hot water. If you use powder detergent, it would be better to dissolve the powder first in a separate container before mixing it in the water.

3. Soaking the racks

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After mixing the hot water and detergent, the next step would involve putting the dirty oven racks and letting them soak for at least six hours. You can do this at night and leave the racks in the tub overnight. This step helps in softening tough stains and removing grease and grime.

4. Wiping the dirt away

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The racks have been soaked overnight and the dirt that seems too tough to remove is now broken down. Remove the racks from the tub and, using the toothbrush or sponge, wipe all the grime away until the racks are squeaky clean. They are now ready to be placed back in the oven for you to use in cooking your next home-cooked meal masterpiece! But, wait, don’t forget about the final step.

5. Cleaning the tub

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Now, that the racks are clean and ready to be used again, don’t forget to carefully remove the towel placed over the tub so the grime and stains filtered in its fabric will not go down the drain. Wipe the tub clean and dry it well.

These simple steps won’t require too much effort but definitely result in clean and fresh oven racks. The next time you have to clean the oven racks, remember this easy procedure and never feel exhausted by keeping the oven racks free of stain ever again.

Watch the video below for more details about this cleaning hack.

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